Getting back in the groove

This week I have been doing my best to get extra time on either the treadmill or outside when the weather allows.  Monday I used the elliptical for 3 miles and attempted to run/walk the first week of C25k on the treadmill reaching a bit over 1 mile.  Tuesday I walked my dog for 35 minutes outside.  Wednesday I walked my dog for 55 minutes outside.  Needless to say my shins and calves have been sore.  Today I used the elliptical for 3.33 miles and was only on the treadmill for about 8 minutes.  My shins were bugging me too much and I was just not motivated enough to go very far.

As I was stretching my legs after my workout an old track coach gave me a couple tips on shin splints.  She recommended the shin compression sleeves and to put golfballs and tennis balls in a large sock and to roll it up and down my shins.  That second part sounded good!  I’m a little concerned in purchasing the compression sleeves because I don’t know if they make them big enough for me.  I got some rocking calf muscles that don’t fit easily into boots, let alone compression sleeves.  Body builders are jealous of my calf muscles.  But carrying a lot a of weight all the time will build them up, and they are the only muscles I will proudly show off.

I have been noticing my motivation is still waining pretty badly.  Doing my best to keep at it and push through.  I finished week 8 day 1 of C25k.  Only two more days left…I really need to get those miles transferred to the treadmill though!  Sigh…every step is better than I was 8 weeks ago though!


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