Sorry for the lack of posts!

I have had a very busy two weeks filled with blessings, family, and friends…and just plain busy-ness.  Unfortunately that has translated into only working out once in the past week, the day before my 30th Birthday.  I have been 30 for a week now, and I will say I’m feeling it.  Although that might be due to the air mattress I’ve been sleeping on for the past four months and its decision to look more like a couch then a bed.  Two of the seems that created a nice contour have popped and now my bed is extremely uneven and I’ve had to rest my knees against the wall at night in order to not fall out of bed.  So my knees aren’t very happy, especially this morning after walking around downtown Grand Rapids last night.  Don’t worry, I’m using Birthday gift cards from Target to get a new air mattress and my hubby and I have started to save for a ‘real’ mattress.

Luckily the busy-ness of these last couple weeks has included 7 1/2 days of freelance work, orientation to become a substitute teacher, Dr. appointment (Yay health insurance, oh how I’ve missed you!), getting our taxes done (need a new tax persons STAT!), Bible study, our 4 year wedding anniversary, and lots of celebrating my Birthday with my friends, sister, aunt, hubby, and brother/sister-in-law.  It have been awesome, but filled with some sweet treats I need to work off!

With my knees and back hurting from the crazy air mattress I haven’t felt very motivated to use my one off day (today) to go to the gym.  Instead we’re getting the air mattress and I’m planning to hit the gym hard after a couple of good nights’ sleep.  I just ordered new Birkenstock insoles, hoping those help support my arches on the treadmill.

Again, sorry for the absence in posts!


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