Mind/Body Fail

Today was pretty rough. I have had several great workouts including yesterday where I ran 25 min straight on the elliptical and went 3.21 miles, beyond a 5k. Today I was slapped in the face by reality. Unfortunately the elliptical isn’t real running. Far from it actually and today I learned that the hard way.

It is March and I told myself I would start to train strictly on the treadmill through March to help me prepare for April when I run outside. Well the elliptical hasn’t helped train me for the treadmill. And that was difficult to face.

I began my workout with a 3.1mph walk for 5 min and had shin splints start within 3 min. Then I was supposed to run and I was so embarrassed by my poor balance and form I quickly lowered my speed and walked another 7 min before I had enough. The pain was bad, but it was much more painful mentally.

After so many days filled with improvement, today felt like those strides forward were all fake. My mind flooded with terrible doubts. The main ones being, “If you can’t even walk a straight line on a treadmill you will never finish a 5k,” “You are embarrassing yourself!” And “The elliptical workouts didn’t count for anything!”

Phew, that was a lot to handle after an already frustrating day. I was looking for a way out. The gym was super crowded and I just wanted to leave and get some dinner. My sister texted me and that’s all it took. I stopped right there and cleaned off the treadmill and headed home. Part of me already had a fake excuse in my head if anyone wondered why I was leaving without sweating, family emergency.

No emergency, just me walking out of a workout. Not proud of myself. I just need to come up with a better plan to get my body ready for the treadmill. I’m thinking faster walking for a few days and slowly ease into running while still using the elliptical a for my main workouts until I get better balance and hopefully can manage the shin splints.

Even though I consider today a pretty big failure, it still was better than not going to the gym at all. I did get some good stretching in and at least did 12 min of something. Still a long way to go!


3 thoughts on “Mind/Body Fail

  1. Hang in there Katie!!! I used to have terrible shin splints but 2 things helped tremendously. 1) stretching. Toe raised and heal dips done standing on a step or the side of the treadmill. Stretch and hold for 20 seconds and then alternate. Do this for 5-min. I think that was the biggest factor. 2) make sure you have good, supportive running shoes.

    You WILL get there!

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