Never give up

Today’s workout was a little rough. I started out a bit slow and could tell my muscles were still a bit confused from yesterday. But I kept going and it paid off.

I was convinced that my distance today was going to be at a loss. I was breathing pretty heavy and even felt a slight asthma issue creeping in. Nothing too bad, but definitely made my workout harder. I kept my breathing controlled but still tried to push myself during my running.

By the cool down I just wanted to reach 2.5 miles and wasn’t sure if it was possible. But I kept going and surpassed my previous distance of 2.53 with my new record of 2.54. To think at certain points I was ready to phone in the entire workout.

I did follow up with another 10 minute walk at my highest incline to date as well: 4.0. Good things all around.

I need to remember to never give up. This works in a lot of areas of life and faith as well. You don’t know how far you can go until you finish. I have lived a lot of years and tried a lot of times to lose weight and I always gave up. I will succeed if I do not give up. Do not give up.


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