Muscle Confusion Days

In between my Couch 2 5k routine on the elliptical I have been adding in other cardio machines. Last week it was the recumbent bike which I didn’t really like. I guess it is hard for me to push myself hard when I am reclining in a chair. Felt like it was more of a knee cap workout than anything.

This week I stepped onto the ARC trainer. Someone had mentioned it was more of a gliding ski type motion rather than the elliptical running motion. Both are low impact so I figured I would give it a try. I was a little thrown when I first got on, I think the stride was longer than I expected as my short legs gate was spread pretty thin. Good thing I stretched before I got on! What I failed to understand about this ARC trainer is that it is less about cross country skiing and more about uphill climbing. If done at a high enough incline it is a glorified low impact stair stepper. Ouch!

I lowered the incline to a ‘glide’ and did my regular interval workout. I will say I didn’t kill myself since it was technically an off day, but if you wanted this machine will rip your legs off. Next time I will increase the incline a bit, but I know it will hurt the next day. So far I’m ok today.

I also did my upper body weight machines. I have come to the conclusion that my upper body muscles have been in hibernation mode for a long time. 30 lbs for the shoulder press. I did up it to 50 lbs for one set, but could barely do 10 reps and definitely couldn’t do it without resting in between the last 3. I was able to do the rest of the machines at 50 lbs and a couple I did a middle set at 70 lbs, but it was rough. I’m coming to the realization that I probably won’t be adding much more weight to the chest press since I have no desire to flex my pecs. I will however add reps.

Oh! As a side complaint, since when do bicycle seats belong on weight machines? There are at least three weight machines I use and they have oversized bike seats to sit on while you pump iron. I become distracted from my lifting because my butt is not comfortable on these seats. It isn’t so painful that I won’t use the machine, but it is annoying an to me seems uncalled for. This is precisely why I won’t do spinning classes, well that and I would die.

Happy workouts everyone!


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